Who is the Coach?

JoAnn Resing    The Email Coach

The Email Coach is JoAnn Resing.

I was the founding editor of the Rural-IT magazine, authored The Australian Farmers Guide to Software and was the Internet guru for 3 years on the local radio station. In order to accomplish all this, I  undertook a personal challenge to make Outlook perform as a better time management system. 

Over 10 years as a Microsoft Outlook user, I have discovered hundreds of ways t0 tweak and customise Outlook (yes it has verged on the obsessive). The result, though, is that I can get this tool to perform! I have developed a simple system for customising Outlook to deliver project work on time, while managing the deluge of email flooding into my Inbox.

I teach my Outook management systme in 4-hour coaching sessions, both in person or via webinar. This blog is for my coaching students – to help them embed the learning from the sessions, and remind them to continue to customise Outlook to better suit the way they do business.

I am an energetic and informative trainer, presenter and mentor. I deliver coaching sessions with a highly participative and engaging style that leave my students enlightened and their computers equipped with new tools. If you would like to arrange a coaching session at your workplace, contact the email coach.

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